-Iran Sports Chanbara Association-
Providing a program of New Sports which all people can enjoy is the project for the organization of recreations from now on.

An attractive innovation is needed for people who are not good at sports and also those who don’t like them.
This case is the outline for the propagation of the sport. A pleasant event of Chanbara can be turned into a sport which anyone was playing it in one’s childhood.
If a program like this were to be introduced into regional activities, it is certain that many people would take notice of it.
It is a great discovery for us that Chanbara has crossed borders into foreign countries and the number of playing members is increasing.


  • Mark Ventura
    2 years experience


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Pricing Plan

  • 3-day session
    $ 125.25
  • 7-day session
    $ 250.25
  • 14-day session
    $ 450.95